copy of Hard Top AEROKLAS for Ford Ranger 2023+

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Hard top Aeroklas with roof rails and scalable windows for the Ford Ranger Double Cab 2023

This hard top Aeroklas enjoys a high-quality double-walled composite ABS shell with dark stainable windows and a centralized locking system.

Standard features:

Scamotable side windows

Sliding front partition window for easy cleaning and additional ventilation

Heated rear light with dégivreur

Easy to use centralized locking system

Installation without drilling

LED interior lighting, consumes less energy, offering higher luminous output

Washable interior with jet

Dark-dyed safety glass with E marking

Roof rails capable of carrying up to 80 kg

Plug and Play wiring installation

Stylized rear door with serial centralized lock

Quick installation

Advantages of locking:

The tailgate locks with the vehicle doors, by simple pressure on a button

Works from the vehicle key ring, no additional key rings

The wiring of this function is integrated into the PLUG & PLAY connection

Benefits of ABS in the manufacture of awnings

The ABS is widely used in the automotive and aeronautical industry

It is extremely light, strong and rustless

ABS is capable of remodeling after an impact

The rigid roof is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS, so there are no connection joints or weak areas

The ABS is 100% recyclable, so it is environmentally friendly, unlike the fiberglass

The Hard Top Aeroklas ABS are easy to clean, odourless and have a washable interior with Karcher jet type.

Aeroklas is the first manufacturer of hard top reinforced with double hulls in ABS for double resistance

Choosed by Ford Europe as hard top official by OE dealers for the Ford Ranger

Aeroklas is at the forefront of the manufacture and development of hard top, they are the first company in the world to offer a "double hull engineering technology in ABS".

The two ABS skins are connected together for more resistance and durability. This gives a light, strong, durable and weather-resistant rigid roof, perfect for your new Ford Ranger 2023 - double cabin. Paint Finish DuPont impeccable, simply unbeatable – guaranteed!

The installation does not require drilling, Aeroklas uses existing holes and locations to safely install the hard top. In addition, two front corner supports keep the awning in the perfect position.

Please specify the desired color during the order.

VAT included
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